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    Amano shrimp attack!

    Normally these little guys dont bother when I do any tank maintenance, they just scoot off out of the way. Yesterday, however, they would not leave me alone!. I was removing some of the plants and cutting some back (they have gone mad in the tank) and the amano shrimp were really interested in my hands settling on them and picking away. I stopped what I was doing and just watched as they were picking away, then I thought, I had just scooped out a butternut squash of seeds and cut a load up (snails, fish, dragon, hamster & dogs love it) and some cucumber. It must have been the sent that attracted them so much, it was really weird having them scurrying over my hand, nice but weird lol
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    I've had them do this too- such a funny feeling. I can never tell if they think you're a bite to eat, or if they're infuriated by your presence disturbing them :P

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    Must have been weird feeling.

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