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    Once again Poseidon rises from his sub aquatic Palace ;-)

    Hi Guys,

    I've been a long time gone but finally decided to jump back into the saddle again.

    Not that I ever really gave up just decided to take more of a back seat, still making the odd aquarium here and there.

    I had a lot of thinking to do trying to decide if it was all worth it???

    Some will be glad to know that I decided YES because if I can bring happiness to just one person by making them the aquarium they dream of then I am doing something right.

    Thanks guys for the comments:

    I have put the aquarium to good use.... I finally decide to get my finger out (yesterday) and filled it in the garage then transported the entire stock of my leaking pond into it.

    Believe it or not I never have or will have any ill feelings towards Oddballer, there are more important things in life to worry about, both parties lost money in the end so no ill feelings here.

    The weird thing is now I have filled the aquarium and transferred the fish across I am thinking of leaving it running just so I can buy new Koi and grow them on before introducing them to the main pond once fixed.

    The new supplier has been a godsend usually getting the glass to me within two weeks of ordering so which means I have managed to meet the 3-4 week targets that I have been aiming for.

    Sadly at the moment discounts are something I am unable to offer due to the fact that the base price of glass has increased quite dramatically from when I first joined this forum.

    Mr P.
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    Good to see you back I keep praying that one day I will win the lottery and I could have you come and build me tanks to house all my fish rather than all the leaky Juwel tanks I have at the moment
    Never be afraid to try something new.
    Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark.
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    Good to see you have kept going Nice to hear that the tank is being put to good use

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    essex nr rivenhall a12
    top man mr,P keep at it mate !!! you have the skill and know how that many of us fish keepers would love to have when it comes to making tanks .
    and its a credit to you that you can see the biger picture when it comes to lifes problems (odballer)
    at the end of the day tho mate you got a cracking tank made by a top man

    empty tank

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    Nice to see you keeping at it
    I do intend to give you a shout at some point but Ive got to have a holiday first and I'm waiting for an insurance payout

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    Keep at it Mr P
    Bristlenose Plecs avalable , Microworm culture's ,PM me for details

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    COVENTRY probably the crappiest city in the uk lol !!! :)
    Great to see you have decided to keep up the great work matey And im also glad you have put the monster tank to good use as well

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