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Thread: toxic or not

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    toxic or not

    i have a dead for two years japanese maple tree that when upside down would make an amazing feature in a preditor tank
    i have put it in one of my koi vats with normal golfish and a few small koi with no effects but when water is heated it maybe different? anybody used this wood before?
    japanese eat the leaves in several dishes so not toxic to eat and its recomended for pet birds as perches and nibbles etc

    any thoughts??

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    If its been dead 2 years chances are any sap has now gone, from the research I have done regarding wood for tanks mainly states to use oak, beech, sycamore and other hardwood, maple I am not sure of. The main thing is how fast the wood starts to rot in water, when it rots thats when you get problems, foul smelling water etc.
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    Did you put this in the tank in the end ??????

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